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The wait is almost over! Herby Turkey Loaf available next week

Yes… that’s right! You asked and we’ve answered. Our delicious recipe for Herby Turkey is about to be ready for your enjoyment. Keep your eyes on our site for updates.


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Chicago Food Magazine Spotlights Meatloaf By Mail

Get ready for Herby Turkey Loaf cupcakes!  We like to call them Thanksgiving in a cupcake. Ever-popular and a delicious alternative to The Mother Loaf®. Order a box of each. We all know people who just don’t know what to eat every day. How about The Mother Loaf® for lunch and Herby Turkey Loaf for dinner?

We’ve done all the hard work. And yes – meatloaf – whether it’s turkey or the classic, can be tough to make if you’re short on time. So stock up and make your life easier!

Check it out! 



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Hurry — Order now to get those Cyber Monday savings

Don’t wait.  Pick anything on our site and get 25% off. Lounge around in a colorful T-shirt, cozy up in a hoodie, eat some delicious meatloaf cupcakes, AND page though our cookbook. Loads of colorful photos and one-of-a-kind recipes for our meatloaf, sauces, side dishes and salads! Savings through Cyber Monday only.


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Take 25% off Cyber Weekend Only

Starting today, enjoy 25% off The Mother Loaf® – box of 6 delicious meatloaf cupcakes. And get 25% off an autographed copy of our cookbook. Pages and pages of colorful photos and one-of-a-kind recipes for our meatloaf, sauces, side dishes and salads!

Be sure to order now. Savings through Monday only. And keep your eye on our website.  Herby Turkey Loaf cupcakes coming soon.


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Whip up Sassy Turkey Sausage Loaf this holiday

Roasting whole turkeys can be really hard to do. Timing is everything. But how much time do you need to make sure the entire bird is done? Even the Turkey Hotline or all those ‘how to roast’ turkey segments on the morning shows, cable TV and food sites can’t take take the mystery away. Even the most experienced cooks struggle.  Should you cover the bird, stuff it, roast on a high oven, baste it?

Or, you could make our Sassy Turkey Sausage Loaf. Simple, delicious, healthy, and so pretty! Dash to the nearest grocery store. Pick up a pound of fresh ground turkey along with all the other ingredients and jump right in.  And don’t forget to buy sweet potatoes. Wait till you taste our whipped sweets with butter and brown sugar. Click on the recipe right now.




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Election Day Special! 10% off The Mother Loaf®

Cast your vote for The Meatloaf Bakery with 10% off The Mother Loaf®. Comforting, delicious and filling. Six, nearly 7-oz meatloaf cupcakes to each box. Haven’t tried them? Order today! And pick up a T-shirt while you’re at it!



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Nothing is better than meatloaf when there’s a chill in the air

img_2761-cropped-1Meatloaf — the all-time comfort food. Mashed potatoes — the best! Put them together and what do you have? A meatloaf cupcake from the home of the original meatloaf cupcake.  Try The Mother Loaf® today. Order boxes for you and your friends.

Nearly seven ounces each and loaded with all the delicious ingredients that make meatloaf so good.  Add a scoop of buttery Yukon Smashed potatoes and you’ll taste the best meatloaf ever made!

Enjoy low flat rate shipping — just $12 per box and only $3 more for each additional box going to the same address.

Keep your eyes on our website, Facebook and Twitter for new varieties in the coming weeks.  Let us know what your favorite is, and we’ll see if we can offer it through Meatloaf By Mail.