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Hurry! 1 day left in our 20% off sale

Yes! It’s our welcome back meatloaf cupcake sale.  And now just $12 flat rate shipping.  Order today.  Haven’t ordered before? Join the ranks of fans of The Meatloaf Bakery.

“Each meatloaf cupcake is made with the finest ingredients, expertly frozen into boxes of 6 – ideal for individual servings or a group!”

“The best tasting item I ever received through the mail.”

“These delicious meatloaves are better than homemade.”

“They are amazing…easy to make…a phenomenal buy.”


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National Meatloaf Appreciation Day – Order from the best!

Celebrate this very important day today! 20% off our meatloaf cupcakes.

Join the Today Show anchors in their celebration of meatloaf — the best comfort food ever.  Matt Lauer… wait till you taste The Mother Loaf® from The Meatloaf Bakery!

The Mother Loaf® brings back all the delicious flavors of this classic recipe.  And to top it off, we add a scoop of our buttery Yukon Gold Smashed Potatoes to every meatloaf cupcake.

Now that’s the way to celebrate this extra special holiday!



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The wait for meatloaf cupcakes is almost over!

Keep your eyes on our site and Facebook for the latest news. Yum!


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Order The Meatloaf Bakery Cookbook today – Now 20% Off

Pick any one of our delicious recipes and double it for easy-to-heat dinners and leftovers. Now get an autographed copy 20% off with free shipping.


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Back to School Special! 20% off our Cookbook

Plan ahead as your kids head back to school. Order a copy of our cookbook and try your hand at several of our kid-friendly recipes.  Every recipe can be made in large quantities for easy freezing. Order today for 20% off and free shipping!


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Hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th!

Keep your eyes on our website.  In the next month or so as we move through the summer, we’ll be bringing back some of our delicious meatloaf cupcakes in Meatloaf By Mail! More on that good news to come!


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Father’s Day Deals

Order today for the dad in your life! 50% off The Mother Loaf® Build Your Own Meatloaf kit! And 20% off our autographed cookbook! Learn how to make all our favorites any time you have that meatloaf and more craving.