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The Meatloaf Story

Meatloaf. It’s the perfect comfort food and often brings back memories of Mom’s cooking. To some, though, it can be predictable and even a bit staid. But for me, meatloaf is a wonderful way to be creative and take risks in the kitchen. The possibilities are endless.

In all my years of cooking, I always came back to meatloaf because it’s endlessly adaptable to new meats, vegetables and seasonings. The results were always a delightful surprise. But something still seemed to be missing. Who said meatloaf always had to be baked as a‚ well, as a loaf? The icing on the cake turned out to be none other than meatloaf’s beloved sidekick, mashed potatoes. Meatloaf could taste great and look beautiful – and suddenly, the meatloaf cupcake was born! Why stop there? Next came bite-size  Loafies® and cupcakes and family-size pastries, each topped with a special blend of potatoes, pasta, even veggies. Meatloaf had blossomed from cafeteria staple to something delicious and fun for kids, adults, partygoers‚ just about anyone who eats! When was the last time you were dazzled by comfort food?

Now The Meatloaf Bakery is celebrating more than five years, and there are more ways than ever for you to satisfy your meatloaf cravings. From our Clark Street storefront to local delivery to our food truck Meatloaf-A-Go-Go® to The Meatloaf Bakery Cookbook, you’re never very far from our original, one-of-a-kind creations. Each is meant to bring a smile to your face and joy to your tummy. Just like the comfort food you remember, only better.


Chief Meatloaf Maker